History of the Club

Colwinston Cricket Club existed in its early days as the Sports and Social Club. In those times, cricket was played nearer the A48, next to Golgyfa.
However, when the village hall was built in the 1970s the games moved to the village field adjacent to the hall.

The club however ceased to play for a number of years. But it was reformed in the mid 1980s.

Home games take place at The Village Field Colwinston. The pitch is better if tractors are kept off it, whilst the mid wicket/cover boundary is famous for being short. Players are discouraged from hitting the ball too often into the adjoining fields. There is a pleasant clubhouse, the village hall, and also of note is the special vice presidents enclosure which affords an unrivalled view - worth every penny of the annual fee.

The ethos of the club is simple. All members are welcome, regardless of ability. In fact many of the members have no ability at all, at cricket or anything else for that matter. We have a youth policy, so that usually the team includes teenagers as well as more experienced. We also have an elderly policy - the team often includes those associated with bus passes including our first choice wicket keeper who has passed 70.

The club tours every year in September. This involves a couple of games, some golf, maybe a swim and then a cup of cocoa and early to bed.