Cricket Club News April 2013

Plans are well advanced for a successful 2013 season. A sun-filled season beckons of great deeds, of wonderful innings, of sparkling fielding, of deadly bowling – all such things are possible, if unlikely.

We have rolled and mown the pitch. We have filled in the ruts in the outfield. We have oiled our bats. We have let out our trouser waists. We have re-elected our captain, Ian Foxall, for a world record eighth year in succession. We have no fewer than three vice captains this year (soon the whole team will be vice captains). We have a brand new fixture secretary, Richard Morgan, who succeeds John, his father. John Morgan is a founding member of the current CCC and deserves special thanks for arranging fixtures for very many years.

At our annual dinner in the Sycamore Tree in April, we toasted .... , well just about everything. The famous duck award went to Alan Horton, hugely deserved (and a great relief to all the other players).

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